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Shenandoah National Park

If beautiful trails and amazing overlooks is your thing, then you will find no place more enjoyable than Shenandoah NP. Every overlook is breathtaking, every vista spectacular, 200,000 acres of endless natural beauty. We spent the day hiking the Stoney Man Trail and the Hawksbill Lower Trail.

On the Hawksbill Trail, someone saw Lorraine's Eagles cap and called out: "Fly Eagles, fly"! Since this is the firsts season in memory that we can proudly say we are fans, we stopped to chat. Turns out they also are hiking enthusiasts, retired and now living in Jacksonville, FL. They have never lived up north (lucky them) but her son was an Eagles fan so dad and mom adopted the team.

fellow Eagles fans!

Here are Patti and Barry. Fellow Eagles fans!

Here are a few other pictures we took today:

Steps walked: 13,813 Mileage: 5.5 Miles Hiked: 13.1

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