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New Market Farmer's Market

Quiet day today. Not knowing where things are within the RV has led to great deal of frustration. Near the end, we were just shoving things in any nook or cranny just to get it off the floor. And now, as we try to make this place our home, we can't find anything! So we took the morning to pull everything out and attempt to put it back with some order. We didn't finish but it was a step in the right direction. (we even found a couple of stray children way in the back!)

After we had enough of that, we went into New Market for lunch then walked over to their farmer's market (behind a 7-11). Only about five vendors but we did buy some delicious bread and locally grown honey.

New Market Farmer's Market

Had a very enjoyable talk with Jared Thompson, from whom we bought the honey, about bee keeping. I had no idea the complex societies that bees have within their hives. I learned that the average hive has 40,000 bees and can produce between 150 - 180 gallons of honey a year! Oh, and when the Queen can't meet the needs of the hive.. she's killed. I don't think this is what Shakespeare meant when he said: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, " but it seems quite apropos.

jared thompson

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