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Wishing life had a PAUSE button

This past Saturday, my only daughter was married.

She is (was) my little girl.  My head tells me this is a joyous occasion. But my heart shouts a different story.

My heart reminds me of the day we brought her home from the hospital.. Teaching her to ride a bike.. Walking her across the ceiling of our living room.. The fun times we shared as a family at the Chesapeake Inn.. Teaching her to drive on the deserted back roads of Maryland, when the only other car we passed was a police officer! Rescuing her on the side of I95 at midnight when her car broke down.. All those times when she made room for me in her busy college schedule to share a coffee at Dunkin Donuts.. Why it seems like only yesterday she was drawing on the walls of our living room!

My heart pleads with me to rescue and protect the daughter I watched grow from an infant into the beautiful young woman that stands before me (and her future husband), looking stunning all adorned in white.

Kayla, I know that Nick brings you joy, and you to him. I see it in the tear-filled eyes of you both.  I see it in the glow of your face. You both share a passion for your faith.. for life.. for the Philadelphia Eagles.. And most importantly for each other. This is plain to see.

..And I know that someday (hopefully) soon, my heart will agree with my head.

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