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This has been our life for the past two and a half months:


  • Sold, donated, threw out, gave away or put into storage most all of our possessions.

  • Listed our home for sale.

  • Our first showing led to an offer. After some negotiating, we agreed upon a price. Settlement date set for August 31st.

  • Kayla receives a job offer from Christiana Hospital (YAY!)

  • Our neighbor told us we could rent her basement apartment as soon as her current tenant moved out on August 31. Perfect!

  • Heard back from buyer that settlement date has to be moved up to August 25... (Hmmm, this screws up our living arrangements)

  • We ask our neighbor's tenant if they can move out a week early. He graciously agreed.

  • A week before settlement we walk through our neighbor's basement. Strange odor. Probably do to living conditions of tenant

  • Day before settlement we move Kayla's possessions into storage & do another inspection of neighbor's apartment.. Stench is overwhelming! Smells like human waste.. We decline her generous offer. Everything screeches to a halt.

  • Lorraine and Kayla do a mad scramble and find an apartment and locate a nice unit at Greenville Place Apartments. Sign lease.

  • Go to settlement on our beloved home of twenty years. No issues. Sold it to a wonderful couple.

  • Said good-bye to all our WONDERFUL neighbors.

  • Stayed a few nights at my brother's place (Thank you Sheldon & Carolyn)

  • Move Kayla's things out of her storage unit and into her two bedroom apartment. We move in with her as well.

  • Unpack everything and put up wall hangings.

  • Meanwhile, my daughter's fiance, Nick, has been applying to Physician's Asst. schools. Although hoping to get into a Philly school, he is accepted at Gardner-Webb in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.. Everything screeches to a halt!!!

  • Kayla notifies Christiana Hospital and declines their generous offer.


  • We drive to Charlotte, NC (not far from Gardner-Webb) to look for a job and apartment for Kay.

  • Kayla receives two job offers / We can't find an apartment. Prepare to buy her a house..

  • Finally, through a friend, of a friend, of a friend we find a rental home in Shelby, NC. Nice ranch home. But strange wet-dog smell?? Can't track it down because of all the scented candles.

  • Kayla accepts job offer at CaroMont Hospital in Gastonia, NC.

  • Kayla finds someone to assume the balance of the lease at Greenville Place in Delaware (and avoiding a $2000 penalty)


  • We pack up Kayla's things (again!)

  • On Saturday morning, 10/07- We rent moving truck and pack everything. (Thanks Aly, Corey, Anton, Nick 1 and Nick 2!)

  • That evening, after loading the truck and cleaning out her apartment.. Kayla receives a call from her new landlord saying she can't move in because the house is unlivable. Everything screeches to a halt!

  • After back and forth negotiations, and since we had no other options, we agreed to move Kayla into the house and allow the renovations to go on around her.

  • Leave early Sunday morning. As we approach Shelby, NC our phone alerts go off: TORNADO WARNING. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY! Yikes. Not sure what to do.. Warning passes.

  • Arrive in Shelby. Without the scented candles it is easy to detect the source of Wet-Dog smell: GAS! All windows go up.

  • Overcast when we arrive. Movers show up one hour late. It's now raining hard! Everything gets wet.

  • Fire engines arrive. We are ordered to evacuate house. Source of leak traced to fireplace. Leak contained and we can move back in.

  • Unpack Kayla's belongings.. again as home renovations go on around us.

  • Kayla begins her new job and we fly home.

Kayla's house

We are exhausted!

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