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Food Truck Friends -- It's Only Fair

Our travels today took us to one of our favorite cities, Beaufort SC (prounounced "BEW-fert"). Founded in 1711, Beaufort is South Carolina’s second oldest city. Situated between Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia --not as grand as Charleston or as funky as Savannah-- it is a small, homey, comfortable in-between. I know this sounds like a tourist brochure, but it is very easy to be mesmerized by her sirens call: Breezes off the Beaufort River, streets lined with Spanish-moss draped trees, historic antebellum architecture and "Mayberry-esque" charm. It would be easy to make this town our home.

While casually strolling down Bay Street and browsing in and out of the many quaint shops that line the street..

..we came upon a brochure advertising a local craft fair. Once we finished our stroll, we hopped into our truck and headed to the festivities.

Turns out it wasn't a very big fair considering there were only six vendors and two food trucks. But it was the food at the It's Only Fair food truck that attracted our attention. They were serving home-made seafood gumbo that was out-of-this-world delicious. This sparked a conversation with the owners Pete and Amber (pictured above).

While their story is not glamorous, it is full of grit and determination. They began this food truck two years ago after growing tired of being full-time paramedics. After sinking their savings into the business, they had hoped to find a community of restaurateurs and politicians that welcomed a new small business. Instead they've found piles of contradictory regulations, unnecessary red-tape and resistance at every turn, and long hours. They freely admitted that at times they have regretted starting this shoe-string business.

Having said that, Amber and Pete are incredible and creative cooks. Their menu is replete with unique "southern" styled dishes and desserts. The secret ingredient to this food truck has to be the owners. They are sincere, warm, welcoming, funny and passionate about cooking. We immediately struck up a friendship and were fortunate enough to run into them later that weekend at Hearth Wood Fired Pizza restaurant, where we shared some delicious wood fired pizza.

We wish all the luck (and blessings) to these two and thankful that our paths crossed, albeit briefly. Looking forward to meeting up with you in the future!

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