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What's up with South Carolina?

I find South Carolina a puzzling place.

Its a state of seemingly contradictions. Exceedingly friendly people, extraordinary natural beauty yet a complacency towards (or acceptance of) what I would label "surrendered indigence".

As you drive through the state, you'll pass many beautiful sights such as these:

Yet not far from each of these pristine states, you'll also find this:

I'm not sure why these dilapidated structures have not been torn down. They obviously have been abandoned for years (maybe decades) but nobody seems bothered by them.

After a few days of driving pasts these old structures and dwelling upon this topic, I think the community must tacitly view them as time-capsules. A way of paying homage to the past (or refusal to move beyond it).

I know there are also economic issues involved here, but whatever the reason, if I come to view each one as an individual story instead of a homogeneous group of discarded structures they do add a unique brushstroke to the landscape of this state.

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