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My funniest encounter to date...

It all started in downtown Clinton...

We pulled into the downtown area.

We were hungry so we went to House Of Pizza...

Our waitress was a cute, friendly high school student with a classic southern accent.

We questioned her about a few menu items. She recommended the pizza so we asked her:

US: "How large is a medium pizza?"

Her: "Eight slices... The large comes with ten slices.."

We sat puzzled for a moment..

US: "No, I mean how many inches is the diameter of a medium pizza?"

Her: I'm not sure but my sister and I ordered a large pizza and had, like, four pieces left over"

Me: "I see. So if I order a large and only get it sliced into eight pieces will I be charged for a medium?"

..Her head exploded.

Well the last part I made up but Lorraine and I were pretty dumbfounded at her response and had a good laugh afterwards.

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