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X#$*&! Hitching Up

Hitching our truck to the RV has proven to be the single most aggravating aspect of our journey so far. It's an art. And we are not artists! You have to have the RV at just the right height for the king pin of the RV to lock into the hitch in the bed of the truck. There are all sorts of horror stories of RVs coming unhitched and either smashing down on top of the truck bed or pulling loose while traveling. Since neither option is particularly appealing, we are extra paranoid about doing this correctly. To add to the confusion, I can never back my truck in at the exact same angle that I unhitched. The RV has a little on-board computer that is suppose to help with this but it has been highly inaccurate. I'm sure our backing out and pulling in over and over, has brought much humor (and pity) to those around us.

After about working at it for 15 minutes or so, of pulling in and out, with Lorraine making undecipherable hand jesters, our neighbor came over to give us some advice. After a few more tries we were able to get the claw to close around the RV kingpin. Whew!

We went over and thanked our neighbor for his assistance and he and his wife invited us into their travel home. This nice couple is "Slim" and Jean. Turns out he was born and raised in NC (he reminded us of Clyde) but now lives in Virginia. Slim fought in the Korean war. The pair has been married 49 years. Jean is his third wife. He said, his first wife sadly, died in a car accident. The second one greeted him on his return from Korea six months pregnant, and this one, he can't get rid of! They were very sweet.

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