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F. O. O. F.

We are Finally Out Of Florida!

We never intended to stay four and a half months in any one state, but family obligations reshaped our travel plans. Within that time period, we traveled over 8,000 miles..

..Stayed at a dozen different RV parks, visited the southern most point of the continental USA..

Saw a Saturn rocket..

Walked on many beautiful beaches..

Visited many interesting and unique pubs..

Strolled through many quaint, historic small towns..

Were shocked by lingering aftermath of Hurricane Irma..

Touched a live alligator..

Cheered along with family as the Eagles won their first Super Bowl!!..

And experienced two beautiful weddings.

And made a lot of new acquaintances..


On March 18th we said good bye to Florida and crossed the border into Alabama and onto Louisiana. In order to reach our goal of camping in all 48 contiguous states, we will try to swing back around on a later date to stay (at least one night) in Alabama.

Our next campsite is just outside of New Orleans (or Naw'lins as the locals say). Looking forward to experiencing what the Big Easy has to offer!

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