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On the road, again!

After successfully escaping the clutches of the evil "Snow Miser" in the frigid northeast, we arrived back in sunny, warm(er) Florida this past Monday.

As good fortune would have it, we found out some friends from Delaware, who also are full-time RVers, were traveling north through Florida as we were traveling south. So we coordinated our schedules and agreed to meet up outside of St. Augustine.

Meet Kellie and Jim. We met them when our daughters developed a friendship in middle school. I also had the pleasure of teaching three of their children at Red Lion.

After middle school, our daughters went to different high schools and our family's paths diverged. Needless to say, we were quite excited when Kellie reached out to us about meeting up somewhere on the road.

Kellie and Jim have been full-timing for a year and a half in a Mercedes Pleasure Way. Their travels have extended from coast to coast.

We enjoyed showing them the sites in St. Augustine. With our first stop at Mojo's Old City Barbecue for appetizers and a drink. This is the place to go if you like barbecue. We then strolled the town square and looked at the tremendous light show the city puts on every season in their Nights Of Lights (mentioned in an earlier post).

It truly is a magical, storybook atmosphere with the city decked out in over three million twinkling white lights.

Afterwards, we strolled the streets of historic district with a final stop at Scarlett O'hara's and had a wonderful time catching up on the accomplishments of our children, places each of us have been, and the "bumpers" in each of our lives that directed our paths to the course we each are currently on.

We hope to meet up with them again sometime later this year in Texas!

After an enjoyable evening, we returned home, slipped into our pajamas, plopped into our RV theater chairs, flipped on the fireplace, put a Monk on the t.v and relished in the fact that we were home.

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