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Christmas RV style

For the past twenty years we have had a Christmas tradition. We would place gifts under the tree and hang stockings by the fireplace. If the children got up before us on Christmas morning (which was usually the case), they were allowed to open the small gifts in their stockings. Later that morning, when the whole family had gathered together, we would begin opening the larger gifts under the tree.

It is with mixed feelings that I say this is the first year without this tradition. We sold our house this past August and we will be spending Christmas at my daughter's house in Shelby, NC. My son will be flying in from SF on Christmas morning with his girlfriend, Kristin. While extremely grateful to have the family together (and healthy and happy), I will miss our former home, our cozy fireplace, the comfy couch, the warmth of an old tradition.

Never let it be said that RV parks aren't without their Christmas cheer. Below are some pictures we took at Flamingo Lakes RV Park just outside of Jacksonville, FL.

Lorraine and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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