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Friends Along The Way

Our RV is manufactured by a young company named Grand Design. After doing months of research, and listening/reading feedback from other RV owners, we became convinced that they build one of the best crafted products on the market. And, equally as important, stood behind the vehicles they made. They were on the higher end of our budget, but feel they offered the best value for our dollars.

One of the first things we do when we arrive at a campground is look for other GD owners. It is not common to find another owner, but when we do there is usually an instant camaraderie. Out come the lawn chairs, the stories, the bottle of wine (not necessary, but appreciated), and an invite to tour each other's home-on-wheels.

While we were staying at Kelly's Countryside RV park someone pulled in towing a GD Imagine travel trailer. Being the only other GD in the park, our curiosity was immediately piqued. However we never seemed to catch the owners at home.

While I was convinced they were hiding with their lights out wondering why this nosy couple kept passing their trailer, Lorraine insisted and on our last pass we saw the owners outside grilling some steaks. We pounced like a couple of Ninjas. A conversation was started and a friendship was born.

Let me introduce Don and Dee. He was a real-estate attorney and she was an public school administrator. They are from Indiana and are spending their retirement years as we are, traveling the country. They too have sold everything and live full-time on the road. They recently returned from the western leg of their journey spending time in Arizona and are wintering here in Florida. So, out came the chairs, the pictures, the stories, the wine and the guided tours.

While their RV is a different model than ours, it was homey and comfortable, and plenty big enough for the two of them and their two dogs. We truly enjoyed spending time with them and sharing stories of our lives, our children and our travels. Now Facebook friends, we hope our paths cross again.

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