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I don't like snakes or gators! (Okefenokee Preserve)

..But we seem to be running into a lot of them critters down south. Today, Lorraine and I decided to hike through the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. We never know what to expect on these hikes. Some have been educational and exciting while others have been somewhat flat and boring. Fortunately, this hike was the former.

It was a beautiful day today and we hadn't been hiking in awhile. The Okefenokee NWR was only half an hour away so we decided to cruise on up to GA.

According to their literature, "nearly 400,000 people visit the refuge each year, making it the 16th most visited refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System. It is the largest in acreage of any that is not located in a western state." (after doing a little research, I found that the number 1 visited park within the WRS is: Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon).

Not only did we see beautiful scenery as we walked the boardwalk through the swamp, but saw one Timber Rattlesnake (venomous) and three gators.

Below are some other pictures I took today:

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