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The Nomad Chicks

We have met all sorts of really interesting people at the parks at which we have stayed. People from as far north as Canada and as far west as Oregon. But we never expected to find travelers from our own (tiny) home state.

I mentioned yesterday, at dinner --mid conversation-- we heard someone from the next table over say, "You're from Delaware?! We're from Delaware, too!" As we looked over we saw two young ladies smiling and waving... And hence began our friendship with Rebecca and Kelsey.

Two women, two cats, one camper:

Rebecca and Kelsey grew up in Bethany Beach, Delaware (about an hour south of where we lived). Although they held many glamorous positions such as delivery person/bartender/waitresses they decided to abandon everything and pursue their dream of travel. So they found a used camper, cleaned it, fixed it up, hitched up the truck, left family and friends and hit the road (at the ripe old age of 26!). And I must say, I don't think you'll run across any friendlier, funny, adventurous, hardy, more hospitable people than these two (and their cats).

We talked for hours, sharing "road" stories, campfire recipes, life in Delaware and travel plans for the future. If you're interested in reading more, please visit their site at:

We read that after leaving our campground they ran into some troubles with the roof of their camper, I hope this doesn't deter them from continuing their dream.

~~We hope you enjoy the cream of chicken soup and rice!~~

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