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"There's gold in them thar hills!".. sadly, I couldn't squeeze through the fence

abandoned gold mine

Mark and Marlene graciously invited us to stay the night at their house (perhaps our need for laundry facilities prompted the invite). On our way to Cumming, GA we stopped by the Sawnee Mountain Preserve and hiked to the Indian Seats Trail. This hike takes you over and around the sheer face of Sawnee Mountain to breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The 4 mile trail is part of the 5+ mile network of hiking, walking and running trails at the Sawnee Mountain Preserve, "a 900-acre stretch of beautiful coniferous and deciduous forest just 40 miles north of Atlanta". One interesting aspect of the hike is that it takes you past two abandoned gold mine shafts.. Sadly, the opening were gated and I could not squeeze through. ;)

We spent Halloween with Mark and Marlene:

Later that evening we ate at the Cherry Street Tap Room. They are an independent brewery. Their "red lager" was excellent.

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