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God is a bully...

I was thinking recently about the film My Bodyguard. It's one of my favorite 80's films.

It's a heart-warming story about a sensitive, mild-mannered, adolescent boy named Clifford Peache. He had just transferred into Lake View High School. Because of his lack of physical stature, Clifford easily becomes the target of a group of school bullies. They torment him in all the usual "high school" ways with toilet-swirlys and stolen lunch money until Clifford can take it no longer. He comes up with a plan to approach the school outcast, the large, sullen Ricky Linderman (Adam Baldwin) for help. Rumor has it that Ricky has killed several people. Everybody is terrified of him.

Clifford works up the nerve to approach Ricky and asks him to be his Bodyguard. The rest of the story unfolds pretty much as you might expect. Though there are some ups and downs, ultimately the Bodyguard intercedes and helps young Clifford to defeat the bullies.

When I saw this movie over thirty years ago, I remember thinking how great it would be to have had my own personal Bodyguard. Like the Secret Service agents that follow the President, anybody who tried to bully me would be dispatched with a snap of my fingers. My personal Bodyguard would intercede and put an end to any pain the bullies intended to inflict.

This may be a stretch, but I see Jesus in a similar way. As my personal Bodyguard. When God created the world and all those that live in it, He also came up with a set of rules for mankind to play by so life on earth would be a paradise. But unfortunately his creatures (myself included) knowingly or through ignorance, turned our back on these rules and we also turned on each other. Our inhumanity has angered and disappointed God.

On that future day of Judgement, as the all-powerful Creator, God has declared He will give every rebellious person an eternal "swirly" (so to speak). We will have no recourse. No ability to resist. He is strong and we are helplessly weak. Gurgle.. gurgle.. gurgle..

This is where Jesus steps in. I have approached him and asked him to be my personal Bodyguard. When the time comes for me to stand before God and give an account for all my actions, Jesus also will step forward and bear whatever punishment I have coming my way.

I know the theology of my story maybe incorrect, but it's my story and I'm sticking with it. If you wish to have your own spiritual Bodyguard, a simple prayer of repentance and acceptance is all it takes (Romans 10:9). May this Christmas be a bully-free holiday for you!

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