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Six reasons to give thanks this Thanksgiving

Although I have a plethora of reasons to give thanks this and every Thanksgiving, I was especially grateful to those with whom I was able to spend this holiday: My wife, my daughter, brother- and sister-in law Mark, and Marlene, their daughter Jenna and her finance Karl Mareth.

During this time of year, my thoughts are always drawn to memories of my family. Each season, my wife would prepare a Thanksgiving feast for all our family members. On one occasion, we hosted a party of thirty-five hungry guests.

Within the past few years the passing of my parents and beloved in-laws, has left a gaping hole in the canvas of my life. But I noticed this holiday that the love of other family members (immediate and distant) and dear friends have helped smooth the rough edges, and fill in the cracks, of this void. They help point my heart and thoughts forward. To each of you, I want to express a sincere thanks and send my love and appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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