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RVing can be great. But you need to know what you're getting into!

Here are some advantages:
1) You'll have lots of good experiences.
2) America is freaking amazing.
3)You'll meet many wonderful and amazing people.

Here are some disadvantages:
1) You could have many bad experiences. Every time you hit the road, your home experiences a mini-earthquake.
2) Your neighbors can be annoying.
3) There's no getting around it, you're living in a metal box and after a while the walls can close in on you.
4)You better love the outdoors, because sooner or later, the outdoors will find its way inside your RV.
5) Successful RVing is hard work. Owning one does not within itself bring "freedom" or "happiness". Just like the latest exercise crazy, you'll never acquire a "beach-body" unless you're willing to put in the effort. RV is no different.  

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