Year TWO Is In The Books!

November 25, 2019

It's hard to believe but a little over 24 months ago, we pulled up stakes in Delaware and became asphalt adventurers.


Us, two years ago: October 17, 2017



During this time, we have seen and done so much that whenever I sat to chronicle our travels, fond memories, too numerous to count, would flood my mind.


But I do know this: Our second year has been even better than the first!!


To date, we have:


(1) Visited 34 states:


 ...Year One Travels...



...Year Two Travels...



Side note: We silently chuckle whenever someone asks if "we plan on visiting all 50 states".. Until they build an RV that can float, we would have to say "No"!



(2) Stayed at 117 different campgrounds:



(3) Put almost 60,000 miles on my truck:



(4) Have not received one speeding/moving/parking violation!



5) Have had no problems with our awesome 2016 RAM truck!


(6) Faced some very interesting weather patterns:





(7) Seen many fascinating and unusual things