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Our Travel Route

The four maps below document the 200+ campgrounds at which we've stayed over the past four years. We've had two primary goals on this journey: (1) Stay in warm weather, and (2) camp in every one of the 48 contiguous states. We've done a pretty good job with both. If you click on a placeholder, the address of the campground will pop-up. But please remember this: The routes drawn between each campground was chosen by Google Maps. Because our RV is 13'6" in height, we need to be very cognizant of "Low Overhead" structures. Therefore, we ALWAYS consult our Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas. It has been an invaluable travel aid.

YEAR ONE:  10/2017-9/2018
This map displays the first 12 months of our travels after leaving Delaware. Our goal is to visit, and actual stay in, all 48 contiguous states. Trying to follow warm weather, our travels first took us south to the Keys of Florida, then as things started to get too hot, we headed north, reaching the state of Minnesota.

YEAR TWO: 10/2018-9/2019
After an amazing first year, we decided to head westerly. After leaving Iowa, we headed to Oklahoma, to visit my niece who had just had her first child, then across Texas and up into the state of Utah.

YEAR THREE: 10/2019-9/2020
We continued our time in the west and loved every moment of it. We also traveled to the west coast to visit our son and his wife and then up the coast. We were hoping to enter Canada but Covid restriction closed the border literally as we arrived. 

CURRENT YEAR: 10/2020-Date
Having two east-coast weddings to attend, we began hoofing it across country. We traveled from Washington State to Myrtle Beach, SC in five weeks. Yikes! Note to self: "Don't ever do that again!" After an enjoyable stay in the southeast (Florida was wonderful with its openness), we are headed up to Maine to round out our 48 state tour. 

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