"Oh X#$%!"..

..Are the words that first ran through my mind. Let me explain. I am going to jump ahead in our timeline and update you to a recent unpleasant event that happened to us recently. About three weeks ago, we left an amazing state park in south western Texas named Seminole Canyon. It's in the western corner of Texas about three miles from the Mexican border and miles from civilization. In fact we were so close to the border that I received this message on my phone: The nice thing was, with the lack of lights from surrounding cities, our night sky was ablaze with stars. After a few relaxing days, we pulled out and drove about three hours to our next campground outside of Big Bend National Park na

Kentucky... Move along, folks. Not much to see here..

Not that Kentucky isn't beautiful, because it is --gentle rolling hills, windy roads, picturesque horse farms-- it's just that the state is.. well.. very tranquil (some might say, boring). We pulled into the state on June 4th. As is our practice, we try to find centrally located campgrounds that give us access to many local attractions. To date, we have put about 40,000 miles on my truck since leaving Delaware in October, 2017. About 10,000 of those are towing miles traveling from campground to campground. Which means we've logged about 30,000 miles of sightseeing (and errands) travel. Just to show how many miles we traveled sightseeing while here, I created a map displaying the various trip

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