Memphis.. A nice place to visit, but..

Here are some of the other sites we visited while in Memphis: The Lorraine Motel: In sharp contrast to the upbeat mood of Graceland, lies the Lorraine Motel. This is where Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was brutally slain. A poignant reminder of the extremes our nations was facing at that time. Our patchwork knowledge of MLK's assassination was greatly enhanced as we walked through the National Civil Rights Museum, which encompasses the Lorraine Motel. Just a quick rewind, Martin Luther King was in Memphis to support the Memphis Sanitation Workers strike. The Mayor of Memphis, Henry Loeb III (D) had refused to upgrade the equipment or salaries of the city's sanitation workers. After two

Elvis's last performance..

Our second stop in Memphis was to the home of Tennessee's largest tax payer ever: Graceland. Home of Elvis Aaron Presley. Let me begin by saying I was never a big Elvis fan. By time I came to truly know of him, he was at the stage in his career where he was trying to fit into jump suits a size or two too small for his frame. So the thought of paying $64 per person (if you also want to see his planes), was a tough pill to swallow. After much deliberation, and reading online reviews, we decided in favor of going. His home sits along Elvis Presley Blvd. When we pulled into the crowded parking lot --across the street from his actual home-- I immediately realized that "Elvis" has turned into a th

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