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   Who are we and what are we doing?


My name is Spencer and my wife is Lorraine and we have two

wonderful children. We came to a cross roads in our lives

where we found ourselves , empty nesters, tired of cold

weather and itching to travel (while we still had our original


We have always enjoyed traveling and have talked about RV travel for many years. We really didn't consider full-time traveling until one of my wife's close friends passed away suddenly after a brief retirement. This friend had worked hard most of her life and when the time came for her to enjoy her sunset years, she was struck down by cancer. That, along with the passing of each of our parents over a short period of time, was a wake-up call. We realized that the years (and remaining shreds of our youth) were slipping away. So we set in motion a plan to sell everything, buy a truck and RV and hit the road.


After a difficult two year period of painting, plastering and renovating we sold our beloved home, all our belongings, and have begun our adventure.  We are happy to have you along!

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